About KG Elite

KG Elite Tennis is a premier Southern California Tennis Program that provides

personalized tennis, fitness, mental training, nutrition, competition and parent coaching programs for athletes

who have a goal to play college tennis or compete at the ATP or WTA tour.

With over 50 athletes placed in colleges all across the nation,

we believe with our personalized programs we will find you the college that fits your needs.
We have a 100% success rate in placing our athletes that follow our personalized programs in colleges that best fit their tennis and educational goals.

Below are some of the colleges we have placed our athletes from

2010 - present. 


 University of Arkansas     University of Nebraska     UC San Diego     UC Davis     UC Riverside     University of South Florida 

 Seattle University     Lafayette College     Franklin and Marshall College 




Kareem Gobran, coach and director of KG Elite tennis, attended Saddlebrook Academy at age 11; he was the youngest player the academy has ever enrolled in their full-time boarding program. He was a top junior in Egypt before attending Saddlebrook academy.

His goal was always to play on the ATP Tour. Kareem attended the academy with the tennis greats of the time. Players Like Andy Roddick, Mardy Fish, Michael Russel, Jennifer Capriati, and Pete Sampras. Kareem was inspired by his coach Alvaro Betancur who played on the ATP tour and also worked with Pete Sampras.

He learned that hard work is a must to succeed, and every second you spend on and off the court should be focused on improving your game with the highest level of intensity and focus.


Kareem then started to climb the rankings in Florida which he was a top junior, and then started competing on the ATP Tour. Kareem Decided he loved coaching and inspiring other players at a young age and decided to focus on coaching. He received a BA In Industrial Engineering and completed 3 UCI Extension certificate programs while developing some of the best juniors in Orange County. After working for 6 years at south bay and at Advantage Tennis Academy, Kareem decided to start a personalized tennis program that focused on all aspects of development in a small group environment. from 2010 - present, Kareem has had great success developing players with the same methodology that was instilled in him at a young age by his coaches and other players that he witnessed develop to be the best tennis players in the world.

"Hard work is a must to succeed, and every second you spend on and off the court should be focused on improving your game with the highest level of intensity and focus."

Kareem felt that to develop a player, you must work on all aspects of development. Tennis, fitness, nutrition, mental training, competition, and parent education. In order to work on all aspects with the highest level of intensity and focus, it was quite impossible to achieve in a large group environment. This was the main inspiration to start KG Elite Tennis. Kareem decided to provide a high-intensity small group environment that focused on all aspects of development.